Which claims has this website?

On www.chemistry-compass.eu you will find an overview of innovative chemical companies in Europe of the small and medium business sector. This page provides  a complete overview of innovative chemical companies in Europe for the first time.

The purpose of this page is to complete the picture of an important industry – the chemical industry – that has a significant influence on accomplishing current challenges:

  • Demography: health and consumption
  • Energy, mobility and environmental protection
  • Nutrition, water management and climate change

Furthermore, the conversion of the global petroleum-based industries towards bio-based resource-oriented production is an ongoing process empowered by innovative chemical companies.

Small start-ups and growing SMEs with a outstanding potential shall therefore be the focus of this page.

Due to their growing significance, the Chemistry Compass has the aim to provide an overview of this small and midsize high potentials.

Beside this, we want to encourage young people, scientists and employees to found their own start-up. We know how important it is for a flourishing economy to nourish there start-ups – and we want to contribute to this.

Entrepreneurship is source of new ideas and jobs and therefore wealth. Everyone needs to be reminded about the part start-ups and SMEs play in this economy. Help us, to remind everyone.

Which companies are addressed?

Companies of the Chemistry Compass must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Producing new chemicals, materials or compounds
  2. Developing and utilizing new chemical, physical or biological processes for the production of chemicals, materials or compounds
  3. Using new or established chemicals for the development of new instruments
  4. Developing innovative equipment to enable new chemical processes for the synthesis or analysis of substances
  5. Working on the basis of new business models in order to manufacture chemicals, materials or compounds and supply customers of the chemical industry, related industries and end-user industries.
  6. Offering an innovative service for the chemical industry

The companies shown in the Chemistry Compass usually supply and advise large traditional industries in several sectors:

  • pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and consumer products
  • flavors and fragrances
  • paints and coatings
  • polymer production and automobile industries

Beyond this, the Chemistry Compass features service companies who counsel or advise young and innovative companies.

Your benefits:

  1.  Find new clients and business partners.
  2.  Find new cooperations.
  3.  Be recognized by your employees of the future.
  4.  Show your appreciation for the importance of young start-ups and SMEs.